Our production

The building of local cleaning facilities is equipped with wastewater treatment equipment with a capacity of 800 cubic meters. per day.

Manufactured and assembled by Redox Water Technology B. V., (manufactured in Winterswijk, Netherlands). It provides purification of the discharged water according to the requirements.

Equipped with modern heating equipment that fully covers the need for thermal energy.

The fish processing factory carries out all types of cutting from bottom-food and salmon family to canning fish products and other biological resources to meet the needs of the country's population in a high-quality fresh and inexpensive product.

Fishing areas

After the implementation of the investment Project, the enterprise will be allocated with quotas for the extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources provided for investment purposes for the implementation of coastal fishing.

Fishing areas:

  • Petropavlovsk-Komandorska subzone
  • West Kamchatka subzone
  • Kamchatka-Kuril subzone
  • West Bering Sea zone
  • Karaginskaya subzone
  • North Kuril basin
  • South Kuril basin
  • North Okhotsk basin
  • East Sakhalin subzone
Our production


The factory building (S-9000m2) for the processing of pollock and other fish includes the following equipment:

Sorting of raw fish by species takes place in the bunker department (450 tons at a time of raw fish per day) produced by a South Korean company.

Pollock is sorted by size range which takes place on a BADER 487 sorting machine.

A semi-automatic line for cutting pelagic fish species Bader 221 LSA "Servo" for the production of double herring fillet (butterfly) with skin is installed in the cutting department. 25 tons per day of finished products.

Fish fillets are frozen in a tunnel cabinet manufactured by «Skaginn» Iceland, where the latest technologies are applied. The conveyors are made of Teflon coating, to prevent fillet meat from freezer burning. 20 tons of fillets per day.

Our production
Our production
Our production
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