About company

About company

Dear colleagues, participants and guests of the exhibition!

I am proud to present the products of Kamchattralflot - a company that is far from new to the industry, but has completely transformed over the past few years, building a new plant from scratch, creating a modern onshore infrastructure and renewing its fishing fleet.

V. V. Kotov, General Director of LLC "Kamchattralflot"

The company was founded in 1998, after 17 years the owners changed at the enterprise: advanced, competent and caring people came, well acquainted with the specifics of the fish business, knowing all its nuances. It was with their arrival that the company received a new impulse for development and new prospects.

On October 4th 2019, an important event for us took place - the opening of a new complex at Cape Chavychny. Kamchattralflot received a new home. In just a year, a new ultra-modern plant for deep processing of fish with the most modern equipment was built.

The production equipment comes from Denmark, Germany and other European countries. The plant's technological lines include the most modern equipment: BAADER machines, a German fish freezing complex. With the opening of the plant, new jobs have been created for those who want to work in the fishing industry.

The company's products are of the highest quality, the fish are harvested by the company's ships in the ecologically clean sea and brought fresh to the shore, where the catch is already awaited at the fish processing plant.

Each day 250 tons of frozen white fish products, 100 thousand cans of canned food, 27 tons of fish meal and 6 tons of fish oil come off the conveyors of Kamchattralflot LLC. Modern equipment allows sorting 28 tons of pollock per hour, producing 17 tons of minced meat daily. The plant operates practically without waste, and the most important thing is that it does not cause any damage to the environment - modern equipment allows you to work "cleanly". All our products comply with international standards, very tasty and healthy - without any dyes and other harmful additives. We respect our customers and carefully monitor the quality of our fish products!

Enterprise modernization

1st of april 2018

The general contractor has started the construction of real estate objects

Enterprise modernization

21st of august 2019

Completed the construction of facilities

Enterprise modernization

4th of october 2019

Official launch of the factory


The fish processing factory is of great importance for the development of fishing and coastal processing in the Kamchatka territory. It provides 160 job places for Russian citizens.

About the factory

LLC "Kamchattralflot" is a resident of the territory of advanced social and economical development "Kamchatka" and has implemented an investment project - "An enterprise as a property complex for the production of fish and other products of aquatic biological resources" “Factory for processing pollock and other fish species of high power”. The implementation of the project amounted to - 2,300,000,000 million rubles of capital investments.

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